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The Your Outdoor Store inhouse Jam Wood Smoking Chips are of the Acacia tree. It offers a long hot burn, so a small amount of chips is all that is required to give off a subtle sweet raspberry scent and smoke flavour.

This pairs nicely with Pork, Chicken and Lamb.


  • Flavour: Jam Wood
  • Weight: 1kg Bag
  • For Outdoor Use Only!
  • Ideal for hooded gas and kettle style BBQs


Soak 2 cups of wood chips for 30 mins.

  • Place pre-soaked wood chips in large smoker box (Outdoor Magic smoker box) and place above heat source in BBQ.


  • Place pre-soaked chips in 2-3 aluminium foil pouches. spike 3-6 holes in each pouch to allow smoke to emit. Place pouches over heat source in BBQ


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