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Wildfish Chest Waders is built from a tough Nylon/PVC construction.

Taped and heat-treated seams ensure a smooth and 100% waterproof finish. Adjustable, quick release clips allow you to tailor the fit of the waders while still ensuring enough space for additional clothing and unrestricted movement. It also has a handy chest pocket.

The integrated boot design with cleated sole provides additional grip against slippery surfaces making the waders ideal for all surfaces.


  • Tough nylon/PVC construction
  • Stitched and taped seams for added reliability
  • Easy fit adjustable straps
  • Quick release clips for added safety
  • Handy chest pocket
  • Cleated Sole
  • Integrated boot design


Wildfish Waders come in 7 sizes which are measured by boot size, for example a size 10 Wader refers to size 10 shoe size.

Care Instructions

  • Waders should be stored away from sunlight in a cool dry area
  • All moisture inside and out should be removed prior to storage for any extended period
  • Waders should be rinsed clean after use, particularly after use in salt water

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