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TEAR-AID Type B Yellow is specifically suited for repairing inflatables and can be applied when dry and wet. It can be used for pool toys, inflatables, airbeds, mattresses and more!

Due to its high elasticity, Tear-Aid has the unique ability to stretch across the tear when inflatable objects are being re-inflated. This means that the patch never becomes strained or tense which would pose the risk of splitting again.

Vinyls have oils that are absorbed by most adhesives which cause the adhesive to turn gooey, gummy, and ultimately lose bond. Tear-Aid vinyl repair patches contain an inhibitor that blocks the oils found in vinyls resulting in a long lasting repair.

Each TEAR-AID® Repair Patch is made from an exceptionally tough, matte finish, abrasion resistant, elastomer that resists puncture and tearing. It is combined with an aggressive adhesive formulated for high bond strength. Tear-Aid expands absorbing force on impact and always returns to original shape and size. This flexibility allows the patch to conform to irregular surfaces without restricting the movement of the repaired material.


  • Works equally well on dry or wet vinyl, so it is perfect for underwater repairs on pools, etc.
  • Won’t weaken or discolour with extreme temperatures or pressure or over time.
  • Resists abrasion and punctures.
  • Resists UV.
  • Clear, easy cutting tape.
  • Inhibitor which blocks the oils in vinyl to ensure its bonds.
  • Provides an excellent film solution.


  • Dimensions: 75mm x 300mm + small patches
  • Includes cleaner
  • Each Pack includes:
    • 1x 75 mm x 300 mm patch
    • Plus additional small patches
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