Tacspo Smoker Dust is made from the finest ingredients and guaranteed to give the best taste possible. Provides an excellent aroma, taste and colour to your favourite meats, poultry and fish. Just like professionally smoked products. Preperation is easy, just place a thin layer of sawdust on the inside of your smoker. Any type of meat can be used including fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters, red meats and poultry.


  • Suitable for hot and cold smoking techniques.
  • Perfect for spirit, charcoal, gas or electric smokers.
  • Also suitable for bbqs. 
  • Scribbly Gum Flavour 
  • 1 x 150gm pack 
  • Perfect for Fish, Meat or Poultry! 
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Tacspo Smoker Sawdust Scribbly Gum

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