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Sureburn Firelighters are the eco-alternative to petroleum based firelighters. Made with all natural products, they are safer for you and your family and better for the environment.


For you and your family

  • Made from all natural products
  • Non toxic
  • Clean to handle
  • Don’t crumble or leave a mess when broken or handled.
  • No smell or oily residue
  • Contains no hydrochloric acid or formaldehyde

Safer for your family with no petroleum or chemical nasties, cleaner and more pleasant for you to use

For the environment

  • Made from renewable materials
  • Contain no petroleum products
  • Made from plantation sawdust and vegetable wax

The planet loves Sureburn Firelighters as much as we do!

For living the good life

  • Easy to light
  • Safe to transport with food or clothing
  • Do not smell of kerosene or other petrochemicals when burning
  • Waterproof
  • Longer than average burning time

Making them perfect for barbeques and outdoor cooking, camping and hiking

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