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The first lure trolling hook with in-line eye (not offset like most hooks which wobble and miss strikes) these lure hooks are awesome for small trolling lures such as Tasmanian Devils and on small metal jigs. The hook point always runs straight and true, not off to one side. Once fish are hooked rarely are they lost on this hook as opposed to treble hooks which can have a slightly higher hook-up rate but considerably worse loss rate.


  • 8 or 10 Pack (see specifications below)
  • Black
  • Suited for small Trolling Lures


Size Details
1 Single Lure Hook Sz 1 8 PK - SL01
2 Single Lure Hook Sz 2 8 Pk - SL02
4 Single Lure Hook Sz 4 8 Pk - SL04
6 Single Lure Hook Sz 6 10 Pk - SL06
8 Single Lure Hook Sz 8 10 Pk - SL08
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