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These lightweight hooks have been designed specifically for use with floating trout egg baits. They conceal well in the bait and allow the baits to float high in the water. Featuring a small barb on the shank, wide open gape and high strength, these hooks really are perfect for trout, carp, silver perch and mullet.


  • 10 Pack
  • Lightweight
  • Small Shank Barb


Size Details
6 Single Egg Red Sz 6 10 Pk - SER06
8 Single Egg Red Sz 8 10Pk - SER08
10 Single Egg Red Sz 10 10 Pk - SER010
12 Single Egg Red Sz 12 10Pk - SER012
14 Single Egg Red Sz 14 10 Pk - SER014
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