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This fine wire, light tackle jig head is the perfect all-purpose jig head. It has a very good falling action and is an excellent head to use for jigging in deeper water when you need the bait to fall quickly. It's long shank makes it a great jig head to use with 2" & 3" soft baits.


  • Round Head
  • Vertical Sinking
  • Suits 2" & 3" Baits


Size (gm) Details
1.8 gm Round 25 Sz 1 1/16oz Pk- R2501-1/16
2.6 gm Round 25 Sz 1 1/11oz Pk - R2501-1/11
3.5 gm Round 25 Sz 1 1/8oz Pk- R2501-1/8
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