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FixnZip© instant zipper repair without tools or sewing

The unique design makes zipper repairs simple and easy weather you're at home or discovering the great outdoors. With different sizes you will be able to repair zippers on a variety of items from clothing to tents.


  • FixnZip© replaces damaged or missing zipper sliders
  • Repairs broken zippers that seperate or come undone
  • Fits a range of zipper sizes
  • Works on nylon coils as well as plastic and metal teeth
  • Can be used on both opened and closed end zippers


Size Teeth/Coil Width
Example Items
Small 1 - 5mm | 0.04 - 0.18in Pants, Skirts, Fine Garments, Cushions, Clutch Handbags
Medium 5 - 7.5mm | 0.19 - 0.30in Jackets, Sleeping Bags, Tents, Purses, Duffel Bags
Large 8 - 10mm | 0.31 - 0.40in Wetsuits, Boat Covers, Canvas Tents, Heavy Duty Clothing, Jeep Windows


  • 1x FixnZip© Slider
  • 1x Ring pull tab
  • 1x Black cord pull tab

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