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The Five-0 Minnow is equipped with two Owner #10 ST36 trebles that are super sharp and sticky plus Owner Split rings so care must be taken when fishing with this lure.

Weight between 3.6g to 3.9g. The silent floating model has a wide swim action and is great floating down rivers with over hanging tree and on retrieve will sit between 2 to 3 feet also great for weedy shallow lakes and rivers. Has also been a very successful lure on the troll at around 4 to 4.2 kph but vary your speed until you find the right one.


  • Wide Swim Action
  • 5cm Length
  • Uses
    • Weedy, Shallow Rivers and Lakes
    • Floating down Rivers with over hanging trees
  • 2-3 feet retrieve
  • 2 Owner #10 ST36 Trebbles
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