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As the name suggests “Spinmax” has a harmonically tuned, fish-attracting blade that sits on the nose of a lifelike, well-weighted fish body and spins to create flash and vibrations which entice fish from afar.

The lures’ design also allows greater casting distance and importantly, the extra weight gets the lure down deeper where the bigger fish lurk


  • Available in 4 sizes – 4.6g, 6.5g, 9.3g & 13g
  • 9 original colours that fish find hard to refuse
  • Hi UV crystal flash tail attracts them from miles away
  • Ultra sharp, strong treble hooks ensure even the biggest trophy doesn’t get away

Fishing Style

Perfect for spinning in lakes, canals & rivers


  • 4.6 g - 44 mm
  • 6.5 g - 48 mm
  • 9.3 g - 52 mm
  • 13 g - 60 mm
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