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The continued expansion of Black Magic’s freshwater range has seen the introduction of the Enticer range of spinners. These new lures feature startlingly lifelike finishes which imitate a number of juvenile fish species. When coupled with their fluttering action, they are particularly attractive to predatory fish. There are nine colour options to choose from in either a 7g or 12g weight. The lures are manufactured from high quality components including chemically sharpened treble hooks, strong split rings and a swivel to help prevent line twist. Enticers are very effective for both trolling and casting from the shoreline for a number of species, including trout and salmon.


  • A very enticing and lifelike appearance
  • The “fluttering” action created by the spoon shape makes them particularly attractive to predatory fish
  • An effective lure for both trolling and casting
  • Ideal for rivers, lakes and estuaries, or casting from rocks and wharves
  • Made with quality componentry – strong split rings and a chemically sharpened treble hook
  • Simply tie your main line to the swivel and you are ready to fish


  • 7g - 45mm
  • 12g - 60mm
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