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The Berkley Snap Jig is a versatile action jig head that pairs with your favourite 3 and 4 inch soft plastics. The Snap Jig can be fished both vertically over structure and for suspended fish in open water or cast and retrieve for side to side and backward and forward dynamic darting action.


  • Versatile Action Jig
  • Cast/Snap/Retrieve or Vertically Jig
  • Dynamic Darting Action
  • Naturally Glides on the Fall


Decsription Colour Hook # Weight Pack Count
BSJ316-BL BER SNAP JIG 3/16 BLACK Black #1/0 3/16oz 5.3g 2
BSJ316-BS BER SNAP JIG 3/16 BLACK SHAD Black Shad #1/0 3/16oz 5.3g 2

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