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Squashy® - ideal for travelling
The original hat-in-a-bag
Made in Australia using Australian kangaroo leather
All kangaroo hides are obtained under the Australian Federal Government's Wildlife Protection Act
Marks and scratches on our kangaroo leather hats are considered a natural feature


  • Fully packable
  • Super-light and strong - kangaroo leather is the strongest leather for its weight
  • Water resistant - our "DriHide®" process

Care Instructions

Barmah Hats are sturdy and durable. With a small amount of care, your Barmah Hat will give you many years of service. To care for your Barmah Hat, we recommend the following:

Leather Hats Canvas Hats
Please ensure that your hat is not exposed to extreme heat.
Cleaning and care products for your leather hat can be purchased at your local shoe repair/care outlet. We recommend that you take your hat with you so that the best product can be determined, depending on the leather of your hat.

Lightly brush off any dust
For minor marks, sponge with warm water and detergent.
If necessary, your canvas hat can be cleaned in a 3:1 solution of bleach and gently hand-washed. Ensure the hat is rinsed thoroughly in clean water immediately to remove bleach.
It is not recommended that you machine-wash your hat.

Size Guide

Leather Hat Size

Size cm
Small 55cm
Medium 57cm
Large 59cm
Extra Large 61cm
X-Extra Large 62.5cm


International Hat Sizing

CM Size American Sizes
English Sizes
French Sizes
50 6⅛

51 6⅜

53 6⅝


55 6⅞ 4
56 7
57 7⅛ 7
58 7⅛
59 7⅜ 6
60 7⅜
61 7⅝ 7
63 7⅞ 8

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