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Atomic Seekerz Standard Wire jig heads have been purposefully designed to be used in a multitude of ways. Utilising ultra sharp and strong Gamakatsu hooks, the Atomic Seekerz can be allowed to sink in a traditional manner, or can also be trolled due to their keel design. The lure will track straight and has taken bluefin tuna during testing when used in this manner. They are also designed to sit on the bottom in an upright manner and wont keel over like over designs.


  • Atomic Seekerz #1 1/11oz - SK01-111
  • Atomic Seekerz #1 1/16oz - SK01-116
  • Atomic Seekerz #1 1/8oz - SK01-18
  • Atomic Seekerz #2 1/11oz - SK02-111
  • Atomic Seekerz #2 1/16oz - SK02-116
  • Atomic Seekerz #2 1/8oz - SK02-18
  • Atomic Seekerz #1/0 1/11oz - SK10-111
  • Atomic Seekerz #1/0 1/16oz - SK10-116
  • Atomic Seekers #1/0 1/8oz - SK10-18
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