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Trolling is one the most productive and challenging methods of targeting freshwater fish. Unfortunately, many anglers spend a great deal of time aimlessly dragging lures around behind their boats with little real understanding of how to best utilise their time and improve their results.

Freshwater Trolling Techniques is an ideal book for anglers that want to improve their catch rate and gain valuable information to improve their trolling techniques.

Techniques covered in this how-to book include valuable information on flat line trolling, the use of rigging and weighted lines such as lead-core line, diving planers and trolling aids. Topics covered also include planer boards, both inline and double runner boards, snap weights, trolling attractors, boat set-up, lure and colour selection, rigging lures and downrigging techniques for freshwater trolling.

If trolling for a range of freshwater fish species is your passion, then this book is for you.



Bill Presslor is a designer, educator and journalist with nearly fifty years angling experience. Bill has written about angling extensively for several publications, including Freshwater Fishing Australia magazine. His angling experiences include fishing in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

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