The south coast of New South Wales is one of Australia’s most diverse and productive areas for fish and consequently is extremely popular with fishers. This coast offers everything from the bread and butter fish species like whiting, snapper and flathead to prizes like mulloway and yellowtail kingfish to the much sought after game species like yellowfin tuna and the highly prized marlin. Fishing Atlas for South Coast New South Wales contains Andrew McGovern’s accumulated knowledge and experience of over thirty years of living in and visiting this area during which he has caught just about every fish species available. With so many great choices of species and location so close together in the area, many anglers are confused with what to do. This book will make your decisions easier and more successful. Fishing Atlas for South Coast New South Wales has detailed information that will be of use to every angler fishing in southern NSW, whether experienced or new to the sport.


  • Detailed maps of specific fishing areas
  • Where to fish
  • When to fish
  • What to fish for
  • How to catch fish
  • Land based and boat based fishing



Andrew McGovern is one of Australia’s most innovative and technically competent fishers. He enthusiastically chases just about any species and uses whatever method works to catch fish. Andrew’s articles have been extensively published in magazines such as Sport Fishing Australia and Fishing World and most recently has featured in AFN’s series of Tactics DVDs.

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AFN Fishing Atlas South Coast NSW

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