Evil Spell / Fairy Magic / use your imagination to suit your rug rats

Credits to Cecily


  • 500g gizzard of goose (chuck Steak)
  • 1 large eye of Cretan (brown onion)
  • 2 x Root of evil (Carrot)
  • 2 x Rocks off Snowy Mountain (potato)
  • 420g blood of Ox - clotted ( 1x Can of tomato's)
  • 420g rancid milk of unicorn( 1 x can of cream of mushroom soup)
  • 1.5 -3 ltr of Fire / drought affected Murrumbidgee water (Chicken stock)
  • Splash of bat spit ( olive oil )
  • Clod of heathy cow over flow (butter)
  • Skin of lizard (salt)
  • Herb of imagination (mixed Herbs)


In the Cauldron add gizzard of goose, Eye of cretan, skin of lizard and herb of imagination in a small amount of spit of bat and over flow of cow.
Add root of evil, rocks off Snowy mountain , Blood of Ox, Milk of Unicorn and half of water of bidgee.
Cook over medium to low fire from hell, stirring the pot occasionally to keep the parents I mean spell moving for 3.5 to 4 light years (hours) topping up with water of bidgee when necessary.
Cast spell with weed of green, (something green) damper of dread and rice of the Gods Enjoy !