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The Your Outdoor Store inhouse Plum Wood Smoking Chips are milder and sweet in flavour. Great for mixing with other smoking woods.

Excellent with most white and pink meats including, Pork, Chicken, Turkey and Fish.


  • Flavour: Plum Wood
  • Weight: 1kg Bag
  • For Outdoor Use Only!
  • Ideal for hooded gas and kettle style BBQs


Soak 2 cups of wood chips for 30 mins.

  • Place pre-soaked wood chips in large smoker box (Outdoor Magic smoker box) and place above heat source in BBQ.


  • Place pre-soaked chips in 2-3 aluminium foil pouches. spike 3-6 holes in each pouch to allow smoke to emit. Place pouches over heat source in BBQ.
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