Looking to keep you 'fur baby' or working dog warm during the colder months? The Swanndri Classic Dog Coat is the perfect solution. Made for comfort and warmth as well as keeping your 4 legged friend looking stylish.


  • 100% Wool, SPSA Outer - PU coated
  • Polyester Fleece lining, 250gsm
  • Oilskin details on collar and pockets
  • Side pockets
  • Turn up collar

Size Guide

Size Length Girth Breed Fit Example
XS 24cm 67cm Toy Poodle, Pug, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier
S 36.5cm 84cm Miniature Schnauzer, Fox Terrier, Beagle
M 47cm 100.5cm Labrador, Collie, Staffy, Samoyed
L 58.5cm 119cm English Pointer, Husky, Dalmatian
XL 63cm 135cm Mastiff, Rottweiler, German Shepard

Note: Girth is adjustable by velcro to make it smaller, the above measurements is the extended length.

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