Snowy Mountain Extra Virgin Olive Oil: SMEVOO is only sold in a 250ml green glass bottle. This small package ensures the oil stays fresh as only 250ml is being opened at one time. The green glass helps it from UV rays prematurely aging the oil and causing oxidization.

All olives are harvested by hand, washed, and cold pressed with out delay. The oil is then gravity settled in stainless steel vats. Bottled, capped and labelled on site. We pick the olive, squeeze it and bottle the oil. No additives, no chemicals, no agents.

Pure Snowy Mountain Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In a Cold Climate we find it very hard to yield anywhere above 10% oil to weight ratio. Warmer climates tend to get 23-27% oil to weight ratio. What we have found is that pressing olives via cold press in a cold climate only allows 10% of the best to be extracted. 10% oil to weight ratio and cold climate quality has resulted in an Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

If you know your Extra Virgin Olive Oil you are sure to love SMEVOO’s FRANTOIO.

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