The Rebel Bumble Bug Lure is the most exciting lure in ultralight fishing! The Bumble Bug captures the appearance of an insect and the strikes of fish!

Every angler has watched a horsefly or other winged insect struggle on the surface and get eaten by a bass or panfish, and the Rebel Bumble Bug replicates this exciting moment with a floating crankbait that looks just like a big fly or bee. The Bumble Bug is great for ponds, creeks and streams and really gets kids hooked on fishing.


  • Current Colour Availability- Bumble Bee


Model Length Weight Hooks Cranking Depth
F74 1 1/2in
7/64 oz
#14 0' - 2'

* depths are approximate and obtained using 4lb test Silver Thread® line

SKU: 020554054007