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NAJA LP feature left or right hand version, 4+1 bearings, alloy main, brass pinion gears, hi speed 6.3:1 ratio, smooth drag, magnetic spool control, alloy handle with rubber knobs.

  • NAJ200- Right Hand
  • NAJ201- Left Hand


Model NAJ200 NAJ201
Description NAJA 200 LP/BC NAJA 201LH LP/BC
Ball Bearing 4+1 4+1ree
Gear Ratio 6.3:1 6.3:1
Sufix Mono Capacity M/Diam 130/.30, 100/.35 130/.30, 100/.35
Sufix 832 Braid Capacity YDS/lb 295/10lb, 240/15lb 295/10lb, 240/15lb
Drag 4kg/8.8lb 4kg/8.8lb
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