The Prey Minnow is the newest soft bait in the Pro Lure arsenal. The design brief was to create a super realistic fleeing baitfish profile. The result is a slick, streamlined, natural presentation that we believe will become our most versatile lure.A few twitches of the rod tip has the tail flicking and the lure darting from side to side like a frantic baitfish and the predators hunting it down.


  • Jerk Bait
  • 80mm length
  • Twitch and pause to Fast Retrieve
  • Best Fished around structure at all depths


Type Jerk Bait
Length 80mm
Jig Heads Light Through to Heavy
Primary Target Species Kingfiish, Snapper, Flathead, Bream and Bass
Other Proven Target Species Mackerel, Trevally, Barramundi & Mangrove Jack
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Pro Lure Prey Minnow

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