Fast and effective water disinfection for clear water. Essential item for any traveller to avoid contaminated water (e.g. brushing teeth, drinking water). Preserves water for up to 6 months by using silver ions. Use in combination with a filter in turbid water.


Water source Tap Water
Group size 2-5
Usage Rarely
Product Type Liquid
Effective against Microorganisms
Active Ingredient Sodium hypochlorite 19.5 mg/g;
Silver 0.82 mg/g
Contact Time Bacteria: 30 minutes
Virus: 30 minutes
Cysts: 120 minutes
Content 100 ml
Dosage 1ml / 10L
Form Liquid
Shelf Life 2 years
Content Sufficient for 1000 L
Storage Store in a cool, dark place (<25°C)
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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Hazard Statement

H411 toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

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Katadyn Micropur Forte Liquid MF 1000F

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