Why chuck something away, or pay someone to fix your gear when a quick dab of Gear Aid Seam Grip + WP Sealer & Adhesive will make everything right as rain again?

This stuff can fix or waterproof the seams on your gear, as well as mend holes and tears. This product can be used on an array of materials including neoprene, PVC, canvas, rubber, leather, vinyl and synthetics.

You can use Gear Aid Seam Grip Sealer and Adhesive to repair tents, rain gear, backpacks, sleeping pads, gaiters, cycling gear, gloves and athletic shoes – so it’s one handy product. Now if only Gear Aid Seam Grip could solve all our other problems…


  • Fix leaking seams, holes and tears permanently
  • Bond is flexible when cured
  • 100% waterproof
  • Dries to a clear elastic urethane
  • Can be washed off the skin
  • Unaffected by extreme heat or cold
  • Moisture-cured
  • 8-12 hours dry time
SKU: 021563105100