FireLine® has been a leader in the superline category for years. FireLine was always smooth and now it is even smoother. FireLine was always tough and now it is even tougher. Just about every characteristic of the line is now improved. FireLine, thermally fused with Dyneema®, performs best on spinning tackle with longer casts, up to 17% longer due to the new smoother coating formula. The abrasion resistance is improved resulting in less fraying. It also has 3% greater strength retention after wear; standing up to rocks and timber.


  • Colour: Crystal, Flame Green, Smoke
  • Spool Length: 112m/125yds
  • Lb test/dia.: 2lb/0.08mm, 3lb /0.10mm, 4lb/ 0.13mm, 6lb/0.15mm, 8lb/0.18mm, 10lb/0.19mm, 14lb/0.20mm, 20lb/0.23mm, 30lb/0.29mm
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Berkley Fire Line

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