The Tomcat™ 2 compound bow is designed for young archers ages 8 through 12 who are taking steps to progress their skills. Constructed to meet both ATA and AMO standards, the Tomcat 2 meets the mark in accuracy and precision, while still maintaining a manageable 17- to 22-pound draw weight. This right-handed bow comes complete with a 3-pin fiber optic "Brightglo" sight, soft-touch finger rollers and two arrows. Draw length is 20 to 22 inches with 60 to 70 percent let off.


  • 17-22lb Draw Weight
  • 20-22" Draw Length
  • Adjustable in 1" increments
  • 60%-70% let off
  • Right Handed Bow
  • 3 pin fiber optic "Brightglo" sight
  • Constructed to ATA/AMO standards


  • Soft Touch finger rollers
  • 2 Arrows
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